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Common Loon Photograph Computer Screensaver

Here is a wonderful computer screensaver for a Loon lover. Over 75 unique high quality images of the Common Loon that rotate every 6 seconds with blending transition effects in between.

Screensaver will run on Windows 7, Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows ME or Windows XP and XP Professional.

Screensaver is available as a .scr file that can be copied to your Windows folder and run as a selected screensaver from the display setup screen or as an executable file (.exe)

System requirements: Minimum Spec: Pentium-75, 8 Mb RAM, 1 Mb Video card
Recommended Spec: Pentium-200, 32 Mb RAM, 2 Mb Video card.

****This Screensaver is not compatible with Macintosh (Apple) computers at this time.****

Common Loon Screensaver is $9.95

Sample Pictures that are included in the Common Loon Screensaver
common loon photography computer screensaver
common loon photo computer screensaver pictures

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